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The mission of the Portland Metropolitan Building Owners & Managers Association is to promote commercial real estate through leadership, networking, advocacy and professional development opportunities within the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

BOMA Oregon represents over 30 million square feet of commercial real estate in Oregon. With our strong membership base, professional development, networking opportunities, and outstanding customer service, BOMA Oregon is the most influential advocate and preeminent resource for all issues related to commercial real estate.

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What BOMA Oregon Does for Business Owners and Managers

Automatic External Defibrillators
BOMA Oregon was successful in having any owner liability removed from SB 556. We have worked with Senator Hass to modify the definition of “place of public assembly” that is required to have an AED to mean a single building of 50,000 square feet of indoor floor space, increased the threshold for compliance for all places of public assembly and health clubs 50 individuals on a normal business day, and changed the liability provisions by removing the gross negligence provision cause of action.

Bicycle Master Plan – City of Portland
We have reviewed the plan and have found a number of serious issues. We find the suggestion that auto travel should be discouraged and creating a bicycle-only district not practical.

BOMA Oregon actively supports candidates and causes that have an impact on the commercial real estate industry. We employ a part-time lobbyist who monitors our issues at the legislature.

Building Codes Division – State of Oregon
BOMA Oregon members served on the structural, energy and mechanical task forces reviewing state code. Two members also serve on the State of Oregon Structures Board.

Building Operator Certification Program
BOC is a nationally recognized training and certification program for building operators offering improved job skills and more comfortable, energy efficient facilities. Certification is competency-based and offered on two levels. Level I emphasizes energy-efficient building maintenance practices. Level II stresses advanced equipment troubleshooting and maintenance. BOC training qualifies for IFMA continuing education units.

Celebrate BOMA!
Fabulous members-only celebration! Some call it the “Party of the Year!”

Climate Action Plan – City of Portland
We participated in, reviewed and supported the Mayor’s Climate Action Plan. There is no significant impact to building owners in the plan.

Commercial Real Estate Economic Coalition
We financially support CREEC and have a place on the organization's Executive Committee. CREEC actively works on all issues relating to the Urban Growth Boundary and Urban Renewal Districts.

Continuing Education Credits
Monthly education sessions that qualify for CEU’s in Oregon.

Development Review Advisory Committee/BDS – City of Portland
BOMA staff is in attendance and represent our members on development issues including land use, transportation, housing, economic development, neighborhood livability and the environment.

Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA)
While BOMA Oregon supports Unions and has a number of union members, we cannot support the EFCA – also referred to as the “card check” bill. We have shared our concerns with all of our members of Congress.

Energy Performance Scores Task Force – State of Oregon
The Energy Performance Scores Task Force was authorized by Senate Bill 79 of the 75th Oregon Legislative Assembly - 2009 Regular Session. The objective is to make recommendations to the Oregon Department of Energy regarding the establishment of an energy performance scoring system for new and existing residential and nonresidential buildings. BOMA Oregon is a member of the stakeholders group.

Energy Star Score Disclosure – City of Portland
We have met with Mayor Adams and staff to share our concerns regarding the City’s proposal to mandate Energy Star Score disclosure. This information must be kept confidential until the time of sale or lease of a building.

Fire Escapes – City of Portland
Portland Fire and Rescue established a new fire escape policy in February, 2008. Building owners are finding this policy difficult to achieve and very expensive. BOMA Oregon is working to find different types of buildings to test a new, less expensive method of testing developed by KPFF Engineering.

Foundations of Real Estate Management
A soup-to-nuts, 5-module, 28-hour entry-level course, covering the fundamentals of commercial real estate administration, management, building systems, accounting and reporting, contract management, and more.

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Green Lease Addendum
To be used with the BOMA Oregon lease, the addendum covers everything you need.

High Performance Green Building Policy – City of Portland
Although tabled while awaiting passage of the Mayor’s Climate Action Plan, we will continue our opposition to the HPGB in its current form.

Historic Buildings – State of Oregon
BOMA Oregon represented you at task force meetings and tracked this issue closely. The legislature passed a revised law reducing the tax reduction from 15 years to 10 years and guaranteeing a second 10-year term.

Non-Conforming Use – City of Portland
BOMA Oregon was successful in securing inclusion of two major Non-Conforming Use issues in RICAP 5.

Office Energy Showdown
The Office Energy Showdown recognizes Portland-area office buildings that have achieved a superior level of energy efficiency. Challenged to assess their buildings’ energy performance, participants demonstrate market leadership in quantifying their energy use and establishing baseline data that can be used to track future gains in operating efficiency for the year.

Oregon Real Estate Agency
A number of BOMA members represent you in meetings with Commissioner Gene Bentley and the OREA. The revised Property Management Rules are a considerable improvement over current existing rules.

Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Committee
As a Commissioner on the OSSPAC committee, BOMA Oregon advocates for building owners.

Oregonians against Job Killing Taxes
The BOMAPAC donated funds to support the OAJKT campaign and we continue to educate members and non-members on the problems with Measures 66 and 67.

Parks SDC – City of Portland
We are working with the City, encouraging them to not implement the planned fee increase, and leave the Parks SDC at 2009 levels.

Product and Services EXPO
Maximize the effectiveness of your company’s operations, save money to your bottom line, explore the industry’s latest products, services and technologies at the BOMA Product and Services EXPO!

Real Estate Transfer Tax
BOMA opposed bills to permit counties to impose real estate transfer taxes and to create a state real estate transfer tax to help fund affordable housing programs. BOMA and other industry organizations agreed to increase recording document fees by $15.00 per document with the money to go toward affordable housing in exchange for not moving legislation to establish a statewide real estate transfer tax and to repeal the prohibition on local governments adopting real estate transfer taxes.

Sidewalk Repairs – City of Portland
Portland’s 2010 budget included multiple packages restoring or expanding PDOT’s services through increases in various cost of service fees. Sidewalk repair fees increased considerably. A group of building owners has been working with the City to reduce these fees and clarify the new regulations.

Street Access for Everyone (SAFE) – City of Portland
While we support the city’s 10-year Plan to End Homelessness, we do not support the proposal applying the City’s Camping Ordinance to the SAFE ordinance. Not having an ordinance is not an option.

Technical Advisory Group/Code Updates – City of Portland
BOMA Oregon represents you at the TAG meetings. Due to BDS staffing reduction, this group has been put on hold until further notice. We will continue to advocate for code improvements that do not have a significant impact on building owners.