Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency projects are among the most beneficial a property owner can undertake; offering short payback periods and lasting improvements. Within the Energy Efficiency category, you will find links that will help you create a baseline calculation of your current energy use, ideas for projects that will substantially reduce your energy consumption as well as government and utility programs offering incentives, rebates and tax breaks. Many of the links will provide access to consultants and agencies able to perform energy audits, retro-commissioning, carbon footprint analysis and other types of professional support and evaluation of your property.

Topics in this category include: ASHRAE, commissioning, energy audits, Energy Star, Life Cycle, Long term cost/benefits, metrics, lighting, tenant retention.

Other Resources Include:

Smart Site Development

If you are considering a new development, site location affects the sustainability of the project. The effect on wetlands, endangered species, distances from waterways, existing infrastructure and transportation all play a part. Reuse of existing urban locations is preferred over a new site in an undeveloped area.

An existing property can improve its site sustainability by using a solar reflective roof, shading parking lots with trees, minimizing lighting pollution emitted from the building, adding bike parking, encouraging the use of mass transit, improving storm water management and minimizing landscape watering.

Topics in this category include: roofing, site management or transportation issues.

Water Conservation and Stormwater Management

While our region enjoys an abundant supply of water for most of the year, local municipalities, faced with burgeoning growth and development, struggle to control associated impacts on our environmental quality. The use of strategies and technologies that increase water efficiency can help reduce operating costs and improve the quality of storm and wastewater management. Fortunately, many water conservation measures are available at no-cost or offer rapid payback. Whether your objective is to simply reduce costs on water and sewer bills, or consider secondary impacts to our local economy, lakes and streams, public water supply quality, or energy savings, you are encouraged to visit the following web sites to review strategies and technologies that will increase your project’s water efficiency and help preserve our environment.

Topics in this category include: Landscaping and irrigation, potable water, waste management and water efficiency.

Resource Conservation and Efficient Use of Materials

In this environment of ever-increasing costs of resources and supplies, owners and managers are often finding themselves doing more with less. By being more sustainable and waste-conscious in our management practices, we can meet that challenge head on, while still providing the quality of services demanded by tenants.

In this section, you will find information and resources pertaining to recycling and material purchasing for your building. The information compiled here presents you with easy access to organizations that provide recycling information and resources, sustainable purchasing information, Green Cleaning practices and more. Learn about ways to work with your tenants to not only increase recycling within your project, but also to reduce your waste output, and corresponding waste and recycling costs. Discover products for your site that are not just environmentally friendly, but that also help streamline operations.

Topics in this category include: Carbon Offsets, Cleaning, Materials, Purchasing, Recycling, Reuse, Solid Waste&Purchasing, Waste Management.