BOMA Publications
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All BOMA Standard Leases (2018 revision): Word fill-in versions delivered via email – $250.00
Individual BOMA Standard Lease (2018 revision): Word fill-in version delivered via email – $50.00

List of 2018 BOMA Standard Leases:

Assignment and Assumption of Lease and Consent (2018)

Business Park Lease (2018)

Consent to Sublease (2018)

Early Termination Addendum (2011)

Letter of Intent (2018)

Property Management Agreement (2018)

Prospective Tenant Information (2018)

Retail Lease (2018)

Standard Office Lease (2018)

Standard Office Net Lease (2018)

Sublease Agreement (2018)

Subordination Agreement (2018)

Sustainability Addendum for Standard Office Lease (2018)