Working for You

BOMA Oregon is the premier real estate advocacy group both locally and nationally, and serves as the government watchdog for all issues impacting the commercial real estate industry. Our legislative advocacy activities provide representation and support at national, state and local levels of government. Dealing directly with politicians and decision-makers, we do what it takes to protect the interests of all BOMA Oregon members. Our lobbying activities provide a powerful voice in the development and implementation of codes and regulations that could adversely affect your bottom line.

Oregon State Capitol

State Advocacy
Password: BOMA2017

Federal Advocacy


Your international representation is in Washington DC, but your local advocate is just down the road. BOMA Oregon retains a full-time lobbyist in Salem, representing our interests during legislative sessions. BOMA Oregon staff and volunteers work with local and state agencies to implement laws, codes and regulations. BOMA staff and volunteers serve on a multitude of committees, task forces and citizen involvement boards throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Government leaders and elected officials understand BOMA Oregon's impact on decision-making. They depend on the feedback of BOMA Oregon keeping BOMA Oregon at the forefront of state and local policy making.

BOMA Oregon is where to go and who to know in the commercial real estate industry.

You can gain access to our strong membership base, extensive programs, advocacy and services. Simply apply online today and we will forward an application and membership materials.